Reading A CXR


 Name: name, age, gender, date

Orientation: PA, AP, lateral, decubitus

Rotation: spinous processes in the midline of the clavicles

Inspiration: able to count ribs down to the diaphragm (5-7 ant ribs)

Penetration: vertebrae are just visible behind heart, but bony details of spine are not seen, over\under

Artifacts: NGT, Pacemaker, ETT, ECG leads

Bones: ribs, clavicles, humerus, spine

Cardiovascular: heart size, shape, silhouette (sharp), diameter (<1\2 of thoracic diameter), vasculatures

Diaphragm: rt is higher, blunting of costophrenic angle, flatting, gas under diaphragm

Extra thoracic tissue: breast tissue

Fields of the lung

Download the PDF version: here

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