Newborn Physical Exam

  • WIPE, blah blah
  • Expose the baby fully


  • General inspection:
    • Baby looks well, not in respiratory distress, active, normal posture and movement, normal pink color, not cyanosed or jaundiced, no dysmorphic features”
  • Take vital signs:
    • Mention taking temp, HR, RR, BP, O2
    • Check pulses -> brachial + femoral
  • Auscultation: “since the baby is calm, I’ll take this opportunity to auscultate”
    • Heart: normal S1, S2, no murmur
    • Lungs: good bilateral air entry, normal vesicular breathing, no added sounds
    • Abdomen: bowel sounds are present
  • Growth parameters: “+ plot them on growth chart”
    • Mention taking length + weight
    • Measure head circumference (from the occipital protuberance to the area most prominent above the eyebrows)


newborn-1-e1535149664344.pngnewborn 2


Download the PDF version: here 

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