Weight Loss History

  • CC:
    • What is the current weight and height? (calculate BMI)
    • How much did you lose?
    • Over how long?
    • Was it intentional?
    • Onset: first time? Sudden\gradual? Continuous\intermittent?
    • Severity: interfering w\ ADL?
  • Associated sx:
    • Constitutional: fever, loss of appetite, night sweats, chills?
    • GI: abdominal pain, N\V, change in bowel habits (diarrhea)?
    • Decreased oral intake: difficulty swallowing, painful mouth ulcers, early satiety?
    • Eating disorder: fear of gaining wt, feel fat, binge eating (episodes of uncontrollable eating), self-induced vomiting?
    • Depression: low mood, loss of interest?
    • Hyperthyroid: heat intolerance, palpitations, tremor, menstrual changes?
    • Cardiac failure: SOB, LL swelling?
    • Respiratory: chest pain, cough, hemoptysis?
    • Liver: jaundice?
    • DM: polyuria, polyphagia, polydipsia?
    • Urinary: dysuria, hematuria?
  • Diet:
    • Recent change in diet habits?
    • How many meal\snacks per day?
    • What type of food do you usually eat?
    • Do you exercise?
  • PMHx:
    • Diseases:
      • Chronic ds (HTN, DM, DLP)
      • Anemia, Hyperthyroidism
      • Infections, malignancy
    • Medications: laxatives, diuretics, OTC, herbals
    • Surgery, hospitalization, trauma
    • Blood transfusions, IV drug use, tattoos
    • Allergies
  • FMHx:
    • Similar complaint?
    • Same diseases as in PMHx?
  • Social Hx:
    • Occupation, marital status, children?
    • Smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs?
    • Travel Hx


Download the PDF version: here

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