Suicide Risk Assessment

  • Screening:
    • How have you been feeling lately?
    • Do these thoughts affect your view of life?
    • How do you usually cope in the most severe cases?
    • Do you ever wish you could do to sleep and not wake up?
    • Have you ever thought of relieving your pain? Harming yourself?
    • Have you had any thoughts about death? You’d be better off dead?
    • Have you ever thought about suicide?


  • Suicide thoughts and acts:
    • When did you first start having these thoughts?
    • How frequent do you get them?
    • Anything that triggers these thoughts?
    • What do you do when you get these thoughts? Can you stop\control them?
    • Are planning to act on your thoughts?
    • Do you have a set plan as to how you’d end your life?
    • Why did you choose this method?
    • Do you own a gun? Have pills?
    • What do you think will happen when you pull the trigger\take the pills\jump off a bridge?
    • Have you set a specific date?
    • Where are you planning to do it? Isolated location?
    • Have you written a suicidal note? Your will?
    • Previous attempts?
    • What was the outcome?
    • Did you receive any medical attention after?
    • What’s your reaction to surviving it? Guilt? Disappointment? Wish they didn’t save your life?
    • What has stopped you from ending your life? (family, friends, pets)
    • How do you see yourself in the future?


  • Co-morbid psychiatric Hx:
    • Have you or any of your family been diagnosed with a psychiatric illness?
    • Depression:
      1. Low mood?
      2. Loss of interest\pleasure?
      3. Change in appetite?
      4. Change in sleep?
      5. Agitated, irritated?
      6. Slow in your movement?
      7. Loss of energy, fatigue?
      8. Worthlessness, guilt?
      9. Impaired concentration, indecisiveness?
      10. Affecting your ADL, social life?
    • Mania:
      1. Episodes abnormally elevated mood?
      2. Distracted?
      3. Impulsive?
      4. Fast\racing thoughts?
      5. Talkativeness?
      6. Increased activity and dec need for sleep?
    • Anxiety:
      1. Worried about things that are not worrisome?
      2. Panic attacks?
      3. Trauma\death\major loss that changed you view on life?
    • Psychosis:
      1. Do you see \ hear things other people can’t?
      2. Do you think that people are after you to harm you?
    • Substance:
      1. Smoking? Alcohol? Recreational drugs?


  • Co-morbid medical Hx:
    • Suffer from any medical conditions (psych, neuro, chronic pain, malignancy)?
    • Medications?
    • Hospitalizations in mental health facilities?
    • FHx: of psych illnesses? Suicide?


  • Social Hx:
    • How is your relationship w\ your family and friends?
    • Marital status? Children?
    • Occupation? Satisfied\secured?
    • Stressors? (Emotional, financial)
    • Have you ever been exposed to social trauma? (Loss of a loved one, violence, abuse)


Download the PDF version: here

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