Hip Fractures

Femur Anatomy:

  • Femoral head blood supply is retrograde -> higher risk of AVN. (As well as talus and scaphoid)

Hip Fractures:

Hip fractures 3


Garden Classification Of Femoral Neck Fractures:

  • Type I: partial, non-displaced, valgus impacted
  • Type II: complete, non-displaced
  • Type II: complete, partially displaced, varus
  • Type IV: complete, fully displaced, varus



  • AVN: most commonly due to disruption of the medial circumflex artery (the deep branch, specifically). Higher risk in femoral neck fractures (especially if sub-capital)
  • Non-union
  • DVT
  • Infection



Download the PDF version: here


  • Dr. Abdullah Alzahrani’s lecture
  • Toronto notes
  • Paul Bolin’s video


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